Houda Bakkali is an international visual artist and creative director based in Barcelona, Spain. Her colorful artwork has been exhibited worldwide and her techniques and creative process have been recognized by different institutions and international magazines. Her first artwork dates back to 2008. 
Houda is expert in visual communication & marketing and audiovisual production and has a long professional career in graphic design, editorial design, corporate identity design, motion graphics, packaging, illustration, e-learning design strategies, etc.
For the last 10 years she has  worked for different companies and international institutions, managing different projects, both visual marketing and communications, as well as design, editorial and audiovisual, many of them awarded internationally.
She has been exhibited in Paris, Madrid, Cannes, Barcelona, Lorca, Biarritz…, and her work, techniques and creative process has been recognized by different institutions and international magazines. 
Likewise, she has been honoured with awards from the American Illustration 38 (NY), Graphis Awards (NY), Creative Quarterly Journal (NY), London International Creative Competition (London), New Talent Artist of the World (Cannes), etc.

Currently, she is one of the contributors of Viceversa Magazine, a publication which covers various cultural topics by Latinx creatives and writers in New York.

Houda Bakkali, the colours of independent woman MORE HERE
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