"With the new graphic series Life is beautiful the international visual artist Houda Bakkali launches a universal message of optimism and hope, more necessary than ever in these strange dark times that humankind is experiencing due to the global pandemic and the unpredictability of its evolution. While the whole world is sick, disoriented and frightened by the future, the Spanish artist concentrates on the digital canvas, all the most vibrant and incredible colors that nature and pixels are able to offer to create a real explosion of joy of against which it is impossible to remain neutral. The implicit exhortation in these images is to savor every moment that life offers us, to saturate the heart and mind with positive thoughts, to be grateful to life despite all the difficulties it faces. The protagonist of Life is beautiful is a female figure inspired by her missing mother, a women’s rights activist to whom the artist dedicated the Beautiful African Woman series in 2018 and by the artist’s childhood and by her memory of Monaco. Here too the woman becomes an icon of a free and strong femininity and, camouflaged among the flowers, almost takes on the appearance of an ancient natural divinity reinterpreted in a contemporary key. Once again Houda Bakkali enchants for the naturalness with which she manages to synthesize complex concepts and moods in powerful and immediate images without trivializing the message she wants to convey. The mixed technique used by the artist, which combines photography, illustration, augmented reality and digital collage, is extremely versatile in materializing timeless poetic visions in the form of pure light that make you forget the coldness of the technological medium." Review by Juliet Art Magazine MORE

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